Half-Life 2 Will Soon Be Playable In VR

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Half-Life 2 Will Soon Be Playable In VR

After years in development, and loads of ups and downs along the way, the developers of a virtual reality mod for the original Half-Life 2 have announced a public beta that’ll be kicking off next month.

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Half-Life 2: VR has been in development for so long that it was originally part of Steam’s Greenlight program back in 2017, and indeed has been worked on by some involved in the project since 2013. The slow going has been mostly due to the fact that, unlike Alyx, the game simply wasn’t designed to be played in VR, and so there are numerous sections that have been difficult if not impossible to port to a headset.

Buoyed by “overwhelmingly positive feedback from our private beta testers” in recent weeks, however, the developers have steeled themselves and now believe “that the game as it is now can not only be fully completed from start to finish, but it’s also very enjoyable to do so”.

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