Here’s when FIFA 22 unlocks in your time zone

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Here’s when FIFA 22 unlocks in your time zone

When does FIFA 22 unlock on Steam? Well, for those who paid a premium to start playing as early as possible, that time has already passed. But for the rest of us who’ve resisted the temptation to fork out extra cash to play the game early through EA Play or the Ultimate Edition, we have a short wait left before our fix of EA virtual football.

Frankly there isn’t much to be excited about this year, as once again PC players are getting the short end of the FIFA 22 stick on PC. That’s because the major changes—like the new ‘Hypermotion’ technology that provides AI-driven animations and interactions—is limited to next-gen consoles only. At least there are the preview packs that totally solve the game’s loot box controversies.

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But if that’s not enough to put you off and you’re intent on starting a new Career Mode, building a new Ultimate Team, and doing whatever is going on in those Volta minigames on PC, here’s when you can play the new FIFA.

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