Hitman 3 Had A Bad Steam Launch, So Everyone Gets An Upgrade

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Hitman 3 Had A Bad Steam Launch, So Everyone Gets An Upgrade

The news here isn’t that IO Interactive—which has historically been reticent in doling out a bevy of publicity screenshots for its hit stealth game, Hitman 3—published a decadent 4K screenshot of suave hero Agent 47 pouring a glass of Argentinian Malbec. No, no, that’s just icing on the cake: IO Interactive is handing out free upgrades to those who purchased Hitman 3 on Steam.

Hitman 3, first released on console and PC last January, launched on PC as a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store. Earlier this month, after the exclusivity agreement lapsed, IO Interactive listed Hitman 3 on Steam. But the rollout wasn’t exactly received well.

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As noted by PC Gamer, fans didn’t have much to lament about typical matters of blowback, like abundant microtransactions or a game’s inherent quality. (Truthfully, how many bad words could you have for a game about train fights, throwable bananas, and a grape press that’s systematically used to crush the modern gentry?) Rather, players were irked that Hitman 3 was listed with a bog-standard $60 price tag a full year after its $60 release on other platforms.

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