How Dead Apps and Platforms Can Make a Comeback

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How Dead Apps and Platforms Can Make a Comeback

Apps and platforms from the past have the potential to make a comeback in the present, but experts say it has to be done right. 

The digital graveyard of apps that were once popular is filled to the brim with examples like Vine, Meerkat, Myspace, and the like. Of course, being a popular app in 2012 takes a different set of tech and features than being popular in 2021, but modernizing an old platform for today's users might bring your old favorite apps back to life.

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“In this age of make-overs and version updates, any comeback is possible,” said Arvind Patil, a business developer at Selectra, in an email interview with Lifewire. “This being said, it remains a fact that it requires a monumental effort to rebuild technological infrastructure and rekindle public interest.”

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