How Old Was Mel Gibson In Braveheart?

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Mel Gibson was considerably older than the young Scottish patriot William Wallace that he portrayed in the movie Braveheart, but how much older?

When watching Braveheart, it is easy to wonder how old Mel Gibson was compared to the young rebel character he was portraying on screen. In 1995, Mel Gibson donned a kilt to bring the Scottish patriot William Wallace to life in the historical epic that Gibson also directed. Braveheart got nominated for ten academy awards and took home five, including Best Picture and Best Director upon release. The film was praised for generating huge interest regarding Scotland and Scottish history, setting up future success for projects like Outlander, but was also criticized for some of the creative liberties and inaccuracies it took with the historical period of the time.

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William Wallace was a Scottish hero who rebelled against the English as the film depicts, but Wallace was not given the nickname “Braveheart.” That title instead belonged to Robert the Bruce, who himself was a national hero and not the villain who betrayed Wallace as the movie paints him out to be. Furthermore, the real-life Princess Isabella also would have been 13 when the true-life-inspired events of Braveheart happened – much younger than 29-year-old Sophie Marceau who ended up playing her in the movie.

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