How PS5 Load Times Compare To The Same Games On PS4

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How PS5 Load Times Compare To The Same Games On PS4

The PS5 features an SSD and supports PS4 titles. Prior gen games will load faster on a PS5, but not as dramatically as with PS5-optimized titles.

The release of new the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles has been compared to a computer upgrade, more than a complete reinvention, but for both console lines, the inclusion of Solid State Drives has been a game-changer, at least where load times are concerned. The PS5 is backward compatible with the majority of the PS4 library and enjoying those prior-gen titles with faster load times is currently one of the best features of the new hardware. While the list of games optimized for the PS5 is still relatively small, there are thousands of PS4 titles, and the SSD drive lets users get into the game quicker than a PS4. Exactly how much time is saved varies from game to game, but nearly all titles tested have shown some improvements.

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As a newer technology, SSD storage tends to be more expensive than HDD, and the PS5 comes with an 825 GB SSD drive built in, of which about 667 GB is actually available to PS5 users. A traditional Hard Disc Drive, or HDD, uses spinning discs that store data magnetically, containing several “heads” that read data, which are moved by a mechanical arm. This makes an HDD “mechanical,” as it relies on moving parts, and its basic functionality is conceptually similar to an old vinyl record player. An SSD stores data on instantly accessible memory chips, and has no mechanical parts, hence its “solid” state, which allows for smaller form factors, as well as cutting down on loading times by removing the spinning disc element of the HDD.

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