How To Customize Safari's New Tab Start Page On iPhone

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How To Customize Safari's New Tab Start Page On iPhone

Creating a custom start page in the iPhone’s Safari browser not only makes new empty tabs more useful, but also more personal to the user.

Apple recently made several big changes to the iPhone’s default Safari web browser and one that might go unnoticed is start page customization. The start page is what is shown when a new blank tab is opened. This jumping-off point can be loaded up with useful links from various sources and arranged to better suit each person’s unique preferences. Being one of the most used apps on a smartphone, making a browser more useful can have a big impact. Changing the layout and appearance also makes Safari more personal.

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Apple calls a new empty tab in Safari the start page, since that is where the user begins a new search, types an address, or clicks a link to load a website. By default, the iPhone’s Safari start page shows a list of websites that have been marked as favorites. For some, that might be quite a long list. It’s a familiar sight, so much so that the ability to edit its layout might go unnoticed. To get started, there is an option in the upper right to ‘Show Less,’ revealing more links and options below.

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