How to Enable Secure Private DNS on Android

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How to Enable Secure Private DNS on Android

Almost everything you do on the internet starts with a DNS query, so having secure communication with a DNS provider is essential. This is where Android’s Private DNS feature comes into play.

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DNS is a building block of the modern internet. It acts as a directory or phonebook and helps you reach wherever you want to go on the web.

For example, when you want to visit How-To Geek, you simply type in the address bar of a web browser. But, unfortunately, your web browser doesn’t know how to get to How-To Geek. That’s where DNS comes into the picture. Your web browser asks the DNS server, typically run by your internet service provider (ISP) or cellular network, which converts the domain name to an IP address, like With the IP address in hand, your web browser can now connect to your favorite resource for how-to articles.

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