How to find out what graphics card you have

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How to find out what graphics card you have

It’s good to be aware of what graphics card you have in your computer for several reasons. First, it will help you know if your machine meets the recommended specification required to play a game or run an application. Also, it’s useful if you want to keep your driver up to date, or even if you want to upgrade.

The process for figuring out which graphics card (GPU) is inside your computer is easy, but it varies depending on the operating system you’re using. The steps to follow for Windows 10 aren’t the same as for macOS 10.15 Catalina (and earlier versions). What’s more, the path to finding more details on your graphics card has the potential to splinter again depending on the make of the card. For example, both AMD- and Nvidia-based graphics cards use their own apps for managing options. But for the purposes of this how-to, we’ll ignore those in favor of a few steps that are faster and easier to follow.

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There are numerous ways to find this out, but the fastest, easiest way to see what you’re using for graphics is to open the Device Manager, a utility built into Windows that lists every component inside of your machine. It’s useful regardless of whether you’re using a dedicated GPU (a standalone component within your computer that handles nothing but the graphics) or if your PC’s processor is providing integrated graphics. (Some, but not all, CPUs can handle graphics processing without the need for a GPU.)

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