How To Lower the Critical Battery Level to 1% in Windows 7

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How To Lower the Critical Battery Level to 1% in Windows 7

With specific hardware configurations, Windows refuses to let you change the Critical Battery Level below a specific point. If you’ve got a big battery, this prevents you from using every last bit of juice. Thankfully, there are two easy workarounds.

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We’ve already shown you How To Tweak the Low Battery Action on Your Windows 7 Laptop, but Windows can be stubborn. On my particular laptop, it won’t let me set the critical battery level to anything below 5%; it changes back to 5% as soon as I click something else. On my netbook, that’s close to 20 minutes I’m missing out on, and it takes less than 30 seconds to hibernate so I know I would be fine with 1%. Depending on your specific hardware this number may be different, or you may be lucky and not have this problem at all; it appears that many Macbooks running Windows 7 don’t have this issue. If you’re like me, however, there are two solutions you can choose from: one that’s easy and another that’s slightly more involved.

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