How to protect your Netflix profile with a PIN

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How to protect your Netflix profile with a PIN

Netflix now lets you protect your profile with a PIN, keeping other people on your account from accessing your home screen and personalized experiences. This new feature was announced as part of the service’s updated parental controls and should prevent young viewers from finding their way into a parent’s profile where mature content is accessible.

But PIN protection can be used even if you don’t have kids and simply want to prevent someone else on your account — friends, family, a significant other, etc. — from messing with your Netflix recommendations and viewing history. Before this new feature was enabled, it was a trivial matter to switch between profiles, so this new extra step should help stop people from “accidentally” watching things while using your profile.

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Incidentally, don’t confuse this with two-factor authentication, which Netflix still doesn’t offer. Profile lock is intended to stop other authorized users on your account from getting into your individual Netflix experience.

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