How to Use the findmnt Command on Linux

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How to Use the findmnt Command on Linux

Discover everything about your file system mount points with the Linux findmnt command. It’s an all-in-one tool with a very easy syntax. We show you how to use it.

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The Linux file system is a large tree. Depending on the choices you made when you installed Linux, different hard drives inside your computer may have different file systems on them. If you use snap packages you’ll have squashfs pseudo-file systems in your system too. Devices like USB memory sticks will have assorted file systems on them, especially if you also use them on Windows computers.

Regardless of the file system type, they all have to be grafted onto the file system tree in a process called mounting. Mounting is a crucial step in obtaining a working system. We tend to think of mounting a device like a hard drive, but actually what is being mounted is the file system on that device. And without access to all these various file systems, your computer might not even boot, or you won’t be able to access applications or data.

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