How Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Changed (Based On Early Screenshots)

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How Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Changed (Based On Early Screenshots)

Ocarina of Time was responsible for bringing The Legend of Zelda into the 3D era, and the game went through many changes during development.

By the time The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time released, there had already been four games in the series, but the Nintendo 64 title was responsible for bringing the Zelda franchise into the realm of 3D animation, a process which presumably required considerable experimentation. Today, marketing video games is itself a big industry, and developers typically don’t provide a candid look at the early stages of game creation. Ocarina of Time, on the other hand, had a rather public development, and there are plenty of Ocarina of Time screenshots that provide a look at how the game evolved in its early stages.

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When Ocarina of Time released in 1998, the Legend of Zelda series already had four 2D entries – the original, The Adventure of LinkA Link to the Past, and Link’s Awakening. Even though The Adventure of Link had some poorly received side scrolling and Link’s Awakening is a sort of Zelda parody, the franchise had a definite identity in terms of gameplay. As the industry began dabbling in 3D games, Nintendo had the difficult task of transitioning its iconic characters to a new format, but luckily the developer wasn’t shy about sharing the process with the interested public.

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