Hulu’s monthly prices increase by $1 as Disney pushes its streaming bundle

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Hulu’s monthly prices increase by  as Disney pushes its streaming bundle

Hulu’s streaming plans cost $1 more starting on October 8th, with its ad-supported tier going up to $6.99 each month and its ad-free tier going up to $12.99 monthly. According to Variety, the price of Hulu’s live TV service, which also includes access to its streaming content, isn’t increasing. Disney, the majority owner of Hulu, has increased the prices of its other streaming services over the past year, making its bundle that includes all of them look more and more attractive.

The price of the Disney bundle, which includes Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus, doesn’t appear to be going up along with Hulu’s prices — however, it already went up by a dollar earlier this year when Disney Plus got a $1 per month price hike. It currently costs $13.99 per month for a version with ad-supported Hulu and $19.99 a month for ad-free Hulu. If you want all the services, the bundle is a good deal — it’ll save you almost $8 a month versus buying the services separately (after the Hulu price change) whether you go with the ad or ad-free plans. Disney’s CEO has reportedly said that the company is pushing the bundle.

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For those who had existing Hulu subscriptions before signing up to the Disney Bundle, billing is handled by charging the regular price for Hulu then giving the user a discount on their Disney Plus subscription. Hulu’s support Twitter account has confirmed that the price of the Disney Bundle will not change due to the price increase.

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