Intel Reveals 4nm Loihi 2 Neuromorphic Research Chip

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Intel Reveals 4nm Loihi 2 Neuromorphic Research Chip

The brain is perhaps nature’s most complex and perfect invention. To mimic it in silicon, Intel will use its next-generation Intel 4 technology that relies on extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, the most sophisticated technology for chip manufacturing invented by humanity, to create the Loihi 2 processor. 

Modern artificial intelligence (AI) software and hardware largely uses offline training and requires significant amounts of power, yet cannot learn on the fly. Neuromorphic computing architectures promise to address power consumption and enable new features such as automatic abstraction, fast generalization, and on-the-fly learning, something that general-purpose or parallel computing architectures cannot provide within reasonable power budgets. Loihi is Intel’s series of neuromorphic processors designed to mimic a brain. 

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