iPad vs. Android 2021: Which Tablet Should You Buy?

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iPad vs. Android 2021: Which Tablet Should You Buy?

When it comes to iPad vs. Android, deciding which tablet you should buy is not a decision that you could make lightly. There are many pros and cons between the two companies, let alone the different device models they produce. 

For example, a positive of Apple is that you can connect to more than wireless keyboards and accessories of that nature. Guitars and more are able to hook up to an iPad. While Android’s top strength is that there are a vast amount of products and brands to choose between within the community.

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If you decide on an Apple product, a list of iPad models and generations will help you pick your perfect match (our top pick is the iPad Pro at Apple), but keep reading to see which tablet type you should trust and purchase in the fight of the century: iPad vs. Android. 

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