‘Iron Mike’ Series Casts Russell Hornsby as Don King

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‘Iron Mike’ Series Casts Russell Hornsby as Don King

The series marks the second time Hornsby has entered the ring as a boxing promoter.

Russell Hornsby has been cast as Don King opposite Trevante Rhodes in Hulu's upcoming Mike Tyson series Iron Mike, according to Variety. Rhodes was cast as the heavyweight boxing legend back in May. Production on the eight-episode series is already underway and Hornsby is reportedly appearing in seven of the eight episodes.

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Iron Mike is set to explore Mike Tyson's wild, tragic, and controversial life and career that led to him becoming one of the most polarizing figures in sports culture. Reportedly the series aims to look beyond the inflammatory headlines and media frenzy by approaching Tyson's experience through the lens of generation trauma, misogyny, and racism.

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