Is Squid Game A Real Game In Korea?

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Is Squid Game A Real Game In Korea?

Netflix’s Squid Game show features deadly versions of popular children’s games, but is the titular squid game a real Korean game?

Netflix’s hit show Squid Game is filled with deadly variations of childhood games, but is the titular squid game real? The original survival series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk brings a new twist to the genre that has seen successful variations in Battle RoyaleThe Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner. The basic premise of Squid Game revolves around 456 Koreans competing in games from their childhoods, but each one has a lethal component to it.

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Throughout Squid Game, the contestants battle to survive the twisted variations of these games for a chance to win 45.6 billion Won. Their first exposure to the games is by playing Red Light, Green Light. However, in this version of the game, anyone who is caught moving after the robot child says “red light” is shot and killed. Other games include creating a specific shape from a sugar honeycomb snack and a tug of war. Since the series is called Squid Game, though, the final game is known as squid game. It’s a complex game that the show sets up right from the start, and its inclusion is sure to leave viewers wondering if it is a real children’s game.

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