Is Substack Good for Web Comics?

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Is Substack Good for Web Comics?

Newsletter publisher Substack is getting into comics. It seems like a perfect fit. 

Substack has signed several indie comic creators to publish on the newsletter platform. New comics will arrive via email, and readers can pay the artists directly. Substack already has gotten several big names on board, including Batman head writer James Tynion IV. Substack has lured these creators with up-front payments so they can take their time establishing an audience at their new home. 

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“I’m not surprised to see the expansion as it’s pretty logical, and I’m always happy to see more writers, artists, and illustrators move to being independent and supported directly by their fans,” Ryan Singel, founder of Outpost, a service that lets independent creators build their own small media empire, told Lifewire in an email. 

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