It Takes Two review: “A co-op experience unlike any other”

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It Takes Two review: “A co-op experience unlike any other”

It Takes Two is a Pixar-worthy adventure that consistently innovates, offering players an excellent co-op experience unlike any other.

It takes a bold man to risk thousands of dollars on the promise that no-one will find their game boring. But Josef Fares is just that brazen. After watching the credits roll on his latest co-op adventure, it’s clear that his confidence was well placed (and plentiful), as It Takes Two is anything but dull. The latest title from Fares’ studio, Hazelight, It Takes Two explores themes of relationships, divorce, and parenthood, with you and a friend taking control of a husband and wife duo at the end of their tether – sometimes quite literally. 

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May and Cody, buckling under the pressures of balancing work and family life, have decided to get a divorce. However, the moment they tell their young daughter Rose, she enlists the aid of a self-help book to get her family back together, and manages to trap her parents inside two small dolls. Cody becomes a chubby clay man with a leaf for hair, while May is a little wooden figure with knitted clothing, and neither of them can be reunited with their daughter until they learn to work together. 

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