Jaws: The Revenge Contains One Of The Franchise's Most Terrifying Scenes

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Jaws: The Revenge Contains One Of The Franchise's Most Terrifying Scenes

Jaws: The Revenge from 1987 is one of the most reviled sequels ever made, but it also contains one genuinely terrifying attack sequence.

Jaws: The Revenge is commonly cited as one of the worst movies ever produced, but it also has one of the most terrifying scenes of any of the sequels. Jaws 3D from 1983 tried to take advantage of the short-lived revival of the 3D format, but a dull story, characters and setpieces saw it receive poor reviews upon release. The sequel was still a sizable hit for Universal, but given the response to the film, it appeared the franchise was finished.

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That’s until Universal executive Sid Sheinberg greenlit Jaws ’87, which was later retitled Jaws: The Revenge. The premise of the sequel saw a great white shark seemingly out for revenge against the family of the late Chief Brody – Roy Scheider declined to return – and it’s up to his widow Ellen (Lorraine Gary) to save the day. Universal had suffered a run of disappointments at the time like Howard The Duck, so it was reasoned a fourth Jaws would make a quick profit for the studio. While the movie did end up being a mild success, it received scathing reviews aimed at its lack of scares, bad screenplay and the basic premise of a shark seeking revenge and even swimming from New England to the Bahamas to stalk them.

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