John Oliver Duck Hunt Game Duck Stamp Painting Disqualified By US Govt

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John Oliver Duck Hunt Game Duck Stamp Painting Disqualified By US Govt

John Oliver’s Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest entry featuring a duck flying in the winning screen of Nintendo’s Duck Hunt has been disqualified.

The Duck Hunt video game-inspired duck stamp that John Oliver submitted to the U.S. government’s duck stamp art competition has been disqualified. Every year the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service holds the Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest to select one lucky winner to grace that year’s Federal Duck Stamp. Every 98 cents of the dollar Federal Duck Stamp goes towards the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund to stop the destruction of migratory fowls’ wildlife habitat. This year’s contest included the stipulation that the entry must also include an accessory or scene related to waterfowl hunting. To meet the hunting-related requirement, Oliver’s entry used elements of Nintendo’s Duck Hunt.

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Released in 1984 for the NES, Nintendo’s Duck Hunt was a light gun shooter video game. The game featured a dog and shootable ducks, the latter of which can be considered the oldest Nintendo character, surpassing even Mr. Game & Watch. Using the NES Zapper, the player shoots the flying ducks on their screen. At the bottom of the screen, a panel displays the current level, the player’s score, and the required number of ducks to shoot. Upon beating a level, the game has the dog smile while holding up a duck by its neck.

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