Keep The Unreal Engine 5 Showcases Coming, Please

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Keep The Unreal Engine 5 Showcases Coming, Please

I love Unreal Engine 5 showcase videos. Can’t get enough of them. To be clear, I don’t even care how playable any of them ever end up being, because this is an art feature, not a games review section, and so all I care about is how pretty they look, and tonight’s showcase is very pretty indeed.

This is Airborn, a video made by Airborn Studios, an art studio in Berlin who we’ve featured a few times previously, including for their incredible work on some of Overwatch’s skins:

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After a hibernation phase of many years, we made the call to revisit the project that our studio is named after. Wondering what it would be like if we dive back into that world with new ideas, a different approach, a mix of Airborn veterans and new team members, and the determination to use the latest technology to push stylized game art and stay true to the core pillars of the work that was done way back. And without further ado, we proudly present the result!

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