Kitaria Fables’ Throwback to Old School RPGs Mostly Works

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Kitaria Fables’ Throwback to Old School RPGs Mostly Works

It doesn't always succeed, but once you realize this is a game developed by a team of just three people, it's hard not to be impressed. Perfect it might not be, but it's still very much worth your time, even more so if you love old-school sensibilities alongside more modern RPG playing.

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The first thing you'll think when you load up Kitaria Fables is almost certainly a variation on “Awww” or “So Cute!” This is an adorable game. A loose plot of good versus evil pops up, but honestly, it's fairly basic stuff. You play Nyan, a young adventurer who is trying to fix the world in the way only young RPG heroes can. 

Instead, what will beguile you about Kitaria Fables are the looks of its characters. Who can resist accepting a quest from a slightly grumpy polar bear, after all? It's almost reminiscent of a book series I read as a child—Redwall—where woodland creatures take on human traits and emotions as they battle evil. Again, it's not as fully realized in Kitaria Fables, but it's enough to make you more interested than if you were interacting with “just” humans. 

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