Little Girl Runs Towards Michael Myers In Halloween Birthday Video

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Little Girl Runs Towards Michael Myers In Halloween Birthday Video

Normally, everyone would run away if Michael Myers arrived at a birthday party, but in a cute Halloween-themed video, a little girl does the opposite.

A little girl runs towards Michael Myers instead of away in an adorable Halloween-themed birthday party video. Masked serial killer Michael Myers has been terrorizing audiences since 1978’s Halloween, which pitted him against iconic scream queen Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Since then, Michael has seen himself revived and rebooted several times over as the horror franchise adds new installments. Most recently, director David Gordon Green brought the series back to its roots with the 2018 movie Halloween, which acted as a direct sequel to the original film.

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That will finally receive a sequel next month with Halloween Kills. The movie was initially scheduled to debut last year, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed it to 2021. Halloween Kills will release both in theaters and on Peacock, making it one of the many movies to adopt a streaming release amid the pandemic. The sequel will find Laurie and the entire town of Haddonfield team up to take Michael down once and for all, as he miraculously survived the fire at Laurie’s house from the end of the 2018 Halloween.

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