Lost In Random Proves We Need American McGee's Alice 3

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Lost In Random Proves We Need American McGee's Alice 3

Lost In Random was recently released, and the dark fantasy adventure proves another entry in American McGee’s Alice franchise could work really well.

The delightfully strange Lost In Random was recently released into the world, and the existence of the game firmly proves that a third title in American McGee’s Alice series deserves to be made. Lost In Random particularly stands out with its fantastical world, with developer Zoink! creating a twisted fantasy aesthetic that oozes atmosphere from every frameEach district of the game is distorted in their own unique ways, and the characters players will encounter range from quasi-normal to strange and downright terrifying. It’s a visual experience that captures the essence of films like the Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, and draws gaming comparisons to the American McGee’s Alice franchise as well.

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The board game-inspired Lost in Random follows the tale of a young girl named Even and her dice companion (appropriately named Dicey) as they set out through the Kingdom of Random to rescue Even’s sister from the mad Queen. It’s a strange and wonderful game that mixes a unique combat system and an unusual narrative to great results, and its fantastic nature immediately calls games like the Alice titles to mind.

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