Love Is Blind: What Amber & Barnett Are Up To In 2021

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Love Is Blind: What Amber & Barnett Are Up To In 2021

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett met while filming Netflix’s Love Is Blind in 2018. Since then, they have built a solid foundation as a couple.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett met while filming Love is Blind, and they’re still together and thriving in 2021. This reality series focused on single men and women who would go on dates with each other without seeing their counterparts face-to-face. The series was an experiment to see if singles could make an emotional connection without having a physical attraction. While the experiment may have worked out for some, others failed miserably.

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One of the few successful couples, Amber and Barnett, was head-over-heels in love with each other while filming the Netflix reality series and Amber shared that it was the right time to meet Barnett. By the end of the season, the couple tied the knot and were still together by the time when they filmed the reunion. Some viewers thought that Amber and Barnett would never last due to some of their differences. In the end, however, they had a solid foundation to build a lasting relationship.

Fans loved watching Amber and Barnett on Love Is Blind, enjoying their banter in the pods and ease with one another once they met in person. When the couple appeared on Netflix’s After The Altar reunion special, the couple talked about the good place that their marriage is in and shared their future plans for a family. Fans were glad to see that the couple–who have been married for over two years now–seems stronger than ever.

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