Marvel Just Introduced Moon Knight's Deadly Other Half

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Marvel Just Introduced Moon Knight's Deadly Other Half

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Moon Knight, Marc Spector meets the Hunter’s Moon, the other Fist of Khonshu who wishes to correct his colleague

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Moon Knight #3

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In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Moon Knight, Marc Spector meets his deadly other half known as the Hunter’s Moon, the other Fist of Khonshu. Having become aware of a new enemy in his territory, Marc Spector initially feared that his already erratic mind was getting worse and that one of his personalities had gone rogue without his knowledge or memory. However, the truth soon makes itself known in this new issue, seeing the Hunter’s Moon facing the Moon Knight directly, leading to the first of what will no doubt be many brawls.

In previous issues of Moon Knight from Jed McKay and Allesandro Cappuccio, it was revealed that while Moon Knight still considers himself to be a priest with a mission to protect his territory from all manner of threats, he’s no longer obeying the will of Khonshu, allowing his god to remain locked away by the Avengers after he tried to steal their powers to take over the world. However, it seems as though Moon Knight’s new ministry is now going to be challenged by one Dr. Badr, the newly revealed second Fist of Khonshu who is still following and serving the moon god.

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