Marvel’s What If Keeps Asking The Wrong Questions

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Marvel’s What If Keeps Asking The Wrong Questions

Marvel’s What If series seems to have been missing the mark with their episode titles, which tend to overlook the more compelling questions.

Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s What If…? Series.

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Marvel’s What If…? has missed opportunities to address more compelling questions with their episode titles, misleading audiences and overlooking the alterations to the Sacred Timeline that could have a more profound impact on the MCU. Each episode of What If…? poses intriguing timeline alterations and creates endless universes different from the ones that audiences know. It was a highly anticipated addition to the Disney+ Marvel TV show lineup, particularly following the events of Loki and the expansion of the multiverse.

However, for some reason, the show seems to be avoiding the more significant questions that could be addressed, a practice that has begun to grate on fans, especially after its seventh episode. The MCU provides 25 movies and 13 years of content for What If…? to reimagine through infinite possibilities. With such a vast realm of major events and character development to choose from, some of the episodes seem to fall short of their potential simply because they ask the wrong question.

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