Massive Castlevania Music Collection Can Be Pre-Ordered For $250

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Massive Castlevania Music Collection Can Be Pre-Ordered For 0

Konami is celebrating Castlevania’s 35th birthday with a 26-disc OST soundtrack collection that is available to pre-order starting today.

Konami has revealed that a massive 26-disc Castlevania OST soundtrack collection is on its way to Japan this December. Castlevania was initially released in 1986 as a horror action-adventure platformer with a mesmerizing and timeless soundtrack. That soundtrack would go on to prove an important element of the franchise. With this year marking Castlevania‘s 35th anniversary, Konami seems to have rejuvenated its interest and has reestablished support for its beloved series.

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Announced by Konami for release in Japan on December 15th (via Siliconera), the $256 Castlevania OST soundtrack collection is comprised of two volumes that span across 26 discs and come in two separate sets called Castlevania Black and Castlevania Red. The full set will contain selected tracks from a massive range of initial and late-day Castlevania titles, such as Castlevania, Simon’s QuestSymphony of the Night, and Harmony of Despair. Fans who pre-order the collection directly from Konami starting today will also receive a bonus 14-track disc that contains MIDI arrangements of songs from the SNES Castlevania: Dracula X.

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