Möbius Front ’83 review

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Möbius Front ’83 review

Möbius Front ’83 makes a difficult genre easy to understand, but it lacks thrills.

What is it? An indie spin on hex based wargaming
Expect to pay £15.49/$20
Developer Zachtronics
Publisher Zachtronics
Reviewed on Intel i5, 16gb RAM, Nvidia GTX 1660
Multiplayer? No
Link http://www.zachtronics.com/Möbius-front/

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Developer Zachtronics is known for its intricate puzzle games, but in Möbius Front ’83 it’s served up something very different: a modernised take on the niche genre of hardcore hex-based wargames. Even more intriguingly, Möbius Front pits the United States against its most dastardly enemy yet: the United States. No, this isn’t a fifth column uprising but a sci-fi tale of the US being invaded by an alternate reality version of itself.

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