Metal Gear Solid VR Mod Would Break Even Hideo Kojima’s Brain

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Metal Gear Solid VR Mod Would Break Even Hideo Kojima’s Brain

I can think of no better fit for an immersive VR experience than Metal Gear Solid, a video game series that is so often about simulations, distinguishing truth from falsehood, and literal virtual reality. Now, thanks to an inspired modder who’s a dear fan of the games, you can experience the first three main areas of 1998’s Metal Gear Solid (and a few other fun surprises) in VR yourself.

The “Metal Gear Solid mod,” created by modder Holydh, marries the style and aesthetics of the first MGS adventure with the highly technical, very realistic-feeling physics and advanced virtual body simulation of popular VR game Boneworks. While right now Holydh’s mod only recreates the game’s first three areas, it’s a very potent proof of concept for how cool it’d be to experience Metal Gear Solid in real VR.

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It’s a good fit, too. Games have never quite been the same since Metal Gear Solid hit the original PlayStation in 1998. While its groundbreaking stealth gameplay evolved out of two previous 2D entries for the MSX 2 computer, Metal Gear Solid broadened the series’ storytelling and themes just as much. What appeared to be a standard Hollywood-inspired spy thriller gave way to a winding narrative about truth, deception, genetics, advanced technology, and government conspiracies.

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