Microsoft Launches an Affordable Xbox Gaming Headset (for PC, Too)

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Microsoft Launches an Affordable Xbox Gaming Headset (for PC, Too)

Microsoft released a wireless headset a few months ago, and most people who gave it a shot absolutely loved it. Now, the company has announced a more affordable version of the headset that drops the wireless functionality while still maintaining most of what made the headset great.

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The headset is officially called the Xbox Stereo Headset, and it features a $59.99 price tag. That is pretty reasonable for a headset that offers solid audio quality specifically designed to take advantage of the Xbox. Of course, it features a 3.5mm plug, so it can also be used with PC and mobile devices as well. If you choose, this can be your go-to headset for gaming, music, podcasts, and just about anything else you could want to listen to.

While the headset is budget-friendly, Microsoft promises that it features clear microphone performance and high-quality ear cushions. Like the more expensive Xbox Wireless Headset, it features easily accessible on-ear controls for volume and mute, which are great for adjusting your audio experience quickly.

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