Minecraft Player Shows Off Crossbow-Wielding Axolotl Turtle Hybrid

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Minecraft Player Shows Off Crossbow-Wielding Axolotl Turtle Hybrid

One Minecraft player shows off a stack of two Axolotls and a Turtle, with the unit firing an enchanted crossbow bolt at spawning villagers.

Minecraft custom creations have ranged from the cool to the hilarious to the downright creepy, but one video of an Axolotl Turtle hybrid firing crossbow bolts takes the hilarity factor to another level. The classic open-world game holds a number of Easter eggs for fans to discover, in the form of enemies or items with a rare spawn rate, input commands that bring a secret to the surface, and rare encounters in the over-world. Glitch-hunting has also become popular.

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Minecraft has long possessed a vibrant modding community. Since the early days under the direction of Notch, many have regarded it as one of the best games in history to mod. For fans uninterested in sinking time into mod development, playing around in Minecraft‘s creative mode allows anyone to design their own adventures and worlds. The command system adds to that customizability. Using commands, for example, a Minecraft player got an impossible enchantment for their sword. Players can also use commands to duplicate specific blocks, reload chunks of the map and change the appearance of blocks.

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