Minecraft Player Spots Creepers Hilariously Bouncing In Unison

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Minecraft Player Spots Creepers Hilariously Bouncing In Unison

A Redditor shared a clip from their Minecraft game, having noticed multiple creepers bouncing together to try and reach them in a hilarious manner.

A Minecraft player clipped and shared an amusing moment in their game, having noticed several Creepers bouncing together. Players of all kinds enjoy the creative survival crafting game, where the journey never truly ends, even after slaying the Ender Dragon. Coming soon will be the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update, which will rework world seed generation while introducing new biomes to house the already introduced mobs from part one.

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Whether a player is building their home base or mining deep in a cave, everyone is familiar with the hissing of a nearly exploded Creeper. The hissing serves as a final warning, quite similar to a rattlesnake, but also notes that the fuse is short and that it may be too late already. Creepers, funnily enough, were an accident in their entirety. The creator behind Minecraft, Notch, has shared in the past that Creepers originated from a pig accident.

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