Moon Knight Has a Unique Advantage Over Every Other MCU Adaptation

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Moon Knight Has a Unique Advantage Over Every Other MCU Adaptation

Moon Knight is guided by his god Khonshu to do what other heroes are unwilling to do, and that gives him big storytelling advantages

While Moon Knight is one of the many Marvel characters getting an upcoming MCU adaptation, he has a unique advantage over other heroes getting the TV treatment. Marc Spectre, unholy avatar of the moon god Khonshu, is a morally ambiguous hero having worked as a mercenary, prizefighter, CIA agent and soldier of fortune before his transformation into the silver-clad vigilante Moon Knight. The ambiguous nature of Moon Knight sets him apart from other heroes in the Marvel stable and may make him a perfect character for the silver screen.

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Though he first debuted as a monster hunter in 1975’s Werewolf By Night #32 by writer Doug Moench and penciler Don Perlin, Moon Knight didn’t come into his own until he was pencilled by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz in Moon Knight #1, also written by Moench. Seen by some as a twisted take on Batman, Moon Knight has proven over the years that he is much more. Moon Knight’s origin as laid out in Moon Knight #1 sees him as second in command to the villain Bushmaster. Feeling conflicted as to the nature of the missions he has helped Bushmaster carry out, Marc deserts ahead of an upcoming raid on an archaeological dig and sets out to warn the archaeologists working there. This decision sees him encounter Bushmaster at the dig, leaving Marc almost fatally injured with his heart actually stopping for a short period. When he is found and rescued, Marc attributes his survival to the god whose statue he saw at the dig, Khonshu, the Egyptian god of vengeance.

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