NASA's Perseverance Rover Captures Haunting Martian Sunrise

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NASA's Perseverance Rover Captures Haunting Martian Sunrise

Mars is a barren, cold, and truly fascinating planet. This photo from the NASA Perseverance rover captures just how eerie it can really be.

Mars is often romanticized as being a home for future humans, but a photo from NASA’s Perseverance rover reminds just how haunting the planet can really be. As previous photos and studies have shown, Mars is a harsh planet. There’s no evidence of life, no actively running water, frigid temperatures, and a barren surface littered with rocks and dust.

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Despite all of that, it hasn’t stopped the science and space communities from trying to better understand the planet. NASA has multiple robots currently active on Mars, one of which is the Perseverance rover. After landing on Mars this past February, Perseverance has had a busy few months. It’s traversed the planet with its Ingenuity helicopter companion, collected the very first Martian rock samples that’ll be returned to Earth, and collected thousands of jaw-dropping photos.

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