Nest Doorbell With 24/7 Video Recording Coming In 2022

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Nest Doorbell With 24/7 Video Recording Coming In 2022

Google wants to fix the absence of 24/7 video capture on the new battery-powered Nest Doorbell with a wired model that is set to arrive next year.

Google has announced that it will soon launch the second-generation Next Doorbell with a wired connection interface, allowing 24/7 video recording. The video recording situation for Nest hardware is a bit messy right now, both from a hardware perspective as well as subscription requirements. The latest-gen Nest Doorbell with a battery pack can only provide up to three hours of event video history. What this means is that the device can only offer a glimpse at the video activity of the past three hours. Of course, users can always tune in to live feed using the Google Home app, but the logs of movement activity are event-based and will only take them as far back as 3 hours in the past.

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For users who want more, the Nest Aware subscription service will give them access to 30 days worth of event video history, while a Nest Aware Plus subscription doubles that number to 60 days. And this applies to both scenarios when the new Nest Doorbell is being used with a battery pack or in a wired configuration. It seems obvious that battery life limitations are likely responsible for no 24/7 video recording ability, but that shouldn’t happen when the device has been set up with a wired connection to offer a continuous power supply. And to make the situation even more confusing, the new Nest Cam (Battery) can record 24/7 video and offer a video history for the past ten days with a Nest Aware Plus subscription.

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