Netflix Acquires Oxenfree Dev As First Game Studio

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Netflix Acquires Oxenfree Dev As First Game Studio

Netflix has acquired its first video game developer, Night School Studio, which is the team responsible for the critically acclaimed Oxenfree.

Popular streaming company Netflix has announced it is acquiring Oxenfree developer Night School Studio. The news comes after Netflix announced plans to develop video games earlier this summer, which came as a bit of a surprise. Netflix is still in the early days of its gaming project, so there’s still a lot of unknown details, but the streamer plans to add video games to its service at no extra cost. As of right now, it’s unclear if the streamer will bring over existing AAA games as Google Stadia has.

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Either way, Netflix appears to still be making impressive moves as it has announced it has acquired Night School Studio. The acclaimed indie studio is responsible for the Oxenfree studio and will now help flesh out Netflix’s gaming lineup. It’s unclear if the upcoming Oxenfree II will be added to Netflix at some point in the future. Netflix’s VP of game development Mike Verdu did note in a statement that the streaming service is planning to “deliver a great collection of exclusive games” for all audiences, seemingly suggesting there will be original Netflix video games.

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