Netflix’s New ‘Jigsaw’ Series Doesn’t Need Episode Numbers

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Netflix’s New ‘Jigsaw’ Series Doesn’t Need Episode Numbers

Netflix is working on a new show called Jigsaw (it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the SAW movie spinoff of the same name), and it’s designed to be a non-linear watch. That means you can watch it in any order, except for the final episode, which you must watch last.

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The show, which Netflix is calling Jigsaw, is a heist-focused series, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. But where it deviates from the standard heist format is that the first seven episodes can be watched in any order. From there, the eighth and final episode must be watched last, as it finishes off the puzzle.

It’s not an interactive adventure, but instead, it’s more similar to Paramount+‘s series called Interrogation, which lets you watch the episodes in a non-linear order.

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