Niantic’s Response to Angry Pokémon Go Players Didn’t Help

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Niantic’s Response to Angry Pokémon Go Players Didn’t Help

Niantic, developers of Pokémon Go, recently reverted several aspects of the game to pre-COVID settings. During the pandemic, players could spin PokéStops and place monsters in Gyms from 80 meters away. Now (and before the pandemic), the range is back to 40 meters.

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To say this left players of the game upset would be an understatement. After days of complaining about the situation on social media and places like the Pokémon Go subreddit, Niantic finally responded to players’ concerns. Unfortunately, the company’s blog post did almost nothing to appease the angry player base.

This might seem like a tiny issue in the grand scheme of things happening right now (such as Apple’s current iPhone surveillance situation). But for players who rely on Pokémon Go for entertainment, exercise, and social interactions, a significant change to the game’s playability is a life-altering development.

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