Night Teeth Could Put Megan Fox Back In The Spotlight

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Night Teeth Could Put Megan Fox Back In The Spotlight

The upcoming horror/crime/comedy Night Teeth features Megan Fox as a lethal villain, but can the movie reignite her Jennifer’s Body-era hype?

The upcoming Night Teeth sees Megan Fox return to horror in a supporting role, but this could be the part to propel the ‘00s mainstay back into the spotlight. From director Adam Randall, Night Teeth is a forthcoming Netflix horror with a wicked premise. A cash-strapped student working as a chauffeur has the ride of his life when he picks up a pair of party girls who are soon revealed to be something far more sinister than their cheery exterior promised.

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According to the movie’s trailer, viewers can expect Night Teeth to be a campy, bloody, and creepy mash-up of a Collateral-style noir thriller and a Fright Night-style horror-comedy. However, the movie may also be a major opportunity for supporting star Megan Fox. Fox appears as (spoilers) another member of the rich vampire elite that the girls belong to, alongside The Voyeurs’ Sydney Sweeney. It may be a smaller part, but Fox’s earlier work in horror has recently received significant reappraisal.

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