No, Elden Ring And GTA V Are Not On Game Pass (Yet)

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No, Elden Ring And GTA V Are Not On Game Pass (Yet)

Earlier this week, some folks checking Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming beta website noticed something weird: listings for games like Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto V not only said they were part of the company’s Game Pass offering, but would also be playable on the cloud.

Here’s a screengrab of Elden Ring’s page taken by @klobrille, clearly showing both the “GAME PASS” badge and the fact that it’s playable on the Cloud Gaming beta:

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Listings for Grand Theft Auto V (which has already been on the service and left) and, weirdly, Soul Hackers revealed the same thing, in that none of the games had previously been available either on Game Pass or on Cloud Gaming, but now here they were. Even weirder is the fact that none of those things had ever been announced, which you’d think would be the case given the prominence of both Elden Ring and GTA V.

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