‘No More Heroes 3’ Is Just the Kind of Bonkers I Needed

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‘No More Heroes 3’ Is Just the Kind of Bonkers I Needed

No More Heroes is known for its stylish looks, madcap violence, and unique characters, and Travis Touchdown’s third outing into Santa Destroy is no exception. I know Travis Strikes Again exists, but that took place in a possessed game console, so it doesn’t count. No More Heroes 3 is just as crass, colorful, violent, vibrant, weird, and wonderful as its predecessors (so definitely not for kids), but it works.

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It works because Grasshopper Manufacture decided it needed to be more ridiculous and outlandish. Why stop with laser sword fights with super-powered assassins when you can have mecha suit battles with boisterous alien invaders?

I know video game sequels tend to push themselves farther—to make everything bigger, fancier, and so on. So it’s understandable that No More Heroes 3 would want to up the ante over the first two games. What I wasn’t expecting is just how much it embraces its weirdness or how well it all fits together.

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