One Piece: Sanji Spin-Off Delivers New Art Take on Luffy

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One Piece: Sanji Spin-Off Delivers New Art Take on Luffy

The world of One Piece has been created by Eiichiro Oda for decades. Despite this fact, other manga artist have had the opportunity to weave stories of their own in the world of the Grand Line. Such is the case with the creators of Food Wars and their short story following the Straw Hat chef, Sanji. Now, the artists have shared their take on Monkey D. Luffy, the pirate who started it all when it came to the beloved Shonen franchise.        

One of the biggest aspects of Sanji hasn’t just been his ability to whip up delicious entrees while also sailing on the Grand Line alongside the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny, but also his past with the Vinsmoke Family and Germa 66. While his background is one that the chef has been attempting to escape for most of his adult life, his ties will often result in him gaining not just new strength but some wild new abilities that are synonymous with those of Sentai heroes such as the Power Rangers or Kamen Rider. With the final arc of the series in sight, it will be interesting to see what plans Eiichiro Oda has for the Straw Hat in the grand finale of the Shonen story.

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Twitter Outlet Shonen Leaks shared the new take on Monkey D. Luffy from the creators of Food Wars, following their short story that gave us new insight into the character of Sanji and what he was up to behind the scenes when it came to the Wano Arc and the battle against the Beast Pirates:

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