Per Aspera review

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Per Aspera review

Hard science, harder simulation, and narrative innovation make Per Aspera a real gem.

What is it? Grand-scale Mars colonization and terraforming management sim with a novel narrative element.
Expect to pay: $30/£24
Developer: Tlön Industries
Publisher: Raw Fury
Reviewed on: AMD FX-8350, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 32GB RAM
Multiplayer? Nope.

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Here on Earth, they tell me we have too much carbon in the atmosphere. So, as I work to terraform Mars in Per Aspera, I figure that keeping CO2 levels up shouldn’t be big concern. I’ve got a lot of it, and I need it to be oxygen, so I just start seeding the surface with genetically engineered lichen. The lichen turns carbon dioxide to oxygen, everybody wins. I assume it’ll keep itself in check well enough. 

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