PES Replacement eFootball Is Already Steam's Worst-Rated Game Ever

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PES Replacement eFootball Is Already Steam's Worst-Rated Game Ever

eFootball, Konami’s replacement for its Pro Evolution Soccer series, is not off to a great start, as it is already the worst-rated game on Steam.

After waiting two years for a new Pro Evolution Soccer game, players on Steam have voted that Konami’s replacement, eFootball, is the worst game on the platform. Konami announced earlier this year that Pro Evolution Soccer, PES for short, would be replaced by the free-to-play eFootball. Paired with a new engine, new animations, and headlined by PSG’s new star Lionel Messi, the company marketed the game as the next evolution of virtual soccer.

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The direction to go free-to-play was worrying to veteran PES fans. Live service games come with much-maligned microtransactions, and Konami is no stranger to using them. The company’s virtual soccer rival, EA, has used the practice to earn billions off its Ultimate Team game mode in the FIFA series. A similar game mode, called Creative Team, will be present in eFootball, but it will be part of a later update. Worries didn’t end with the announcement, however. Leaked eFootball gameplay videos showed wonky collision physics and glitchy animations during matches in the game. It is unclear what game version or build the leak showed, but it was speculated to be on next-gen hardware.

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