Purple Harmony Pillow review 2021

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Purple Harmony Pillow review 2021

The Purple Harmony Pillow is the brand’s most expensive offering yet, and features a ventilated latex core plus Purple’s signature Grid Hex for happier snoozing. The Harmony comes in two sizes, with three loft options to suit multiple sleep styles and body types. However, during our review we found it’s best for side sleepers who like a plusher pillow.

The Purple Harmony Pillow may not fit the conventional description of a luxury sleep pillow, with its mesh outer cover and high-tech interior, but it’s plush (and pricey) enough to earn that distinction from us. It’s been getting rave reviews for some time now, so we thought we’d put the Purple Harmony through its paces to see if it genuinely is one of the best pillows you can buy.

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After spending the recommended 30 days snoozing with it, we’re here to share our thoughts on whether its performance is as premium as its price. Given Purple’s excellent history of making top-rated sleep products, including one of the best mattresses for cooler sleep, we have high hopes for the Harmony.

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