Raspberry Pi Powers Playable Game Boy Color Cosplay

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Raspberry Pi Powers Playable Game Boy Color Cosplay

While most cosplayers pick a character to dress as, maker Jaryd Giesen decided to cosplay as his favorite handheld console. Using a Raspberry Pi, he’s created a working Game Boy Color cosplay, that you can actually play.

We would argue this is no longer a handheld console, as it’s worn over the whole body. The suit looks just like a blue Game Boy Color, but inside is a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie. A battery makes the whole operation mobile, so it can actually be worn at conventions—and that’s exactly what Giesen did.

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According to Giesen, the project was put together in one weekend, like many last-minute costumes. The time constraint didn’t seem to slow down his creative process one bit. The whole operation relies on a Raspberry Pi 1 B+, making this one of the few best Raspberry Pi projects we’ve covered in a while that uses such an old edition of the Pi.

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