Roccat Magma review: “A budget buy, but still excellent value”

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Roccat Magma review: “A budget buy, but still excellent value”

With a unique design guaranteed to stand out, smooth and responsive membrane keys, and a strong macro functionality built in, the Roccat Magma gaming keyboard offers excellent value for money. You are losing a little sensitivity in the keys which, combined with the heavy actuation force, will hamper faster play, but overall, there’s plenty of functionality here to offer a standout experience for the cash.

The Roccat Magma gaming keyboard proves that you don’t need to settle on a limited design to save cash with a membrane deck. Thanks to a distinctive panel with RGB lighting sitting underneath the main board, the Magma cleverly disguises a drop in aesthetic customization options with a replacement effect that some may even prefer. 

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Coming in at just $59.99 / £49.99, this is a particularly affordable piece of kit. However, unlike many other cheap gaming keyboards, you’re not skimping on too much to keep that cost low. As it stands, the Magma will serve a wide range of everyday play styles well. It won’t live up to the performance you’ll find in the best gaming keyboards further up the price bracket, but on the flip-side, no-one is expecting it to.

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